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WordPress-Things You Should Know…


WordPress is an online, open source website creation tool written in PHP. However, in the language of non-nerds, it’s presumably the least demanding and most powerful blogging and website content management system(CMS) present today. Blogging platforms have undergone tremendous changes, but WordPress is a standout among all. Since its beginning in 2003, it has gone from a first and universal blogging webpage to a favored and prevalent open source web development program.


A content management system(CSM) is fundamentally a tool that makes it simple to manage imperative parts of your website – like content– without having to know anything about programming.


The end product is that WordPress aids you in creating a website available even if you are not a pro developer.


Pivotal List of WordPress Statistics (Studies, Data, and Facts)


We have aggregated this broad list of the most astounding WordPress stats to enable you to acknowledge precisely how colossally effective this open-source content management system(CMS) is.

Alright, so let us get straight into the 2018 WordPress statistics that will help you resonate better with the present world.


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WordPress Is Powering 30% of the Entire Web


It may seem astounding, but a content management system once thought to be obscure is now powering more than 30% of the web. This nonpareil success is the quintessential flexibility that allows the deployment of WordPress everywhere from small business websites, small personal blogs, to powering Fortune 500s like the Forbes blog and Sony Music.


WordPress Is Extensively Searched (Approx. 2,740,000 Times Every Month)


People from all the world search the keyword “WordPress” 2,740,000 times every month. You can envision how much higher the aggregate search volume would be if we were to incorporate long-tail keywords.


Why WordPress??


People often conceive WordPress as just a blogging platform. Although it was right in the past now, WordPress has advanced during the time into a flexible content management system(CMS). Now it also allows you to create entirely practical and functional websites and portable mobile applications.


Unbelievable Websites You Can Effectively Create With WordPress


WordPress is flexible to the point that it opens unlimited conceivable outcomes for innovation and commerce. With the perfect combo of plugins and themes, you can create nearly anything on the web. Indeed, with WordPress, anything is possible. Aptly said-“The Sky is The Limit.”


  • WordPress Is, by Far, the Most Used CMS: WordPress relishes almost 59.4% market share. Joomla is the second most popular CMS, with 6% which is far far behind.


  • WordPress is Multi-Linguistic: Yes, It is available in 62 languages. A quick look exhibits that 62 locales are at 100%. The total number of available locales is 162. We ponder over how long it’s going to take when WordPress is available in virtually every dialect in existence.WordPress Has 500 Times Fewer Employees Than AmazonIt’s stunning that WordPress has possessed the capacity to accomplish such stupendous success with only 460 workers. Additionally, these employees are disseminated all over the world and figure out how to do their function entirely remotely. We appreciate this influential CMS which is one-of-the-kind website solution that has turned dreams of millions of blog and site owners into reality.


  • E-Commerce: E-commerce websites let you purchase and offer items and administrations. As it gives immense comfort to both sellers and buyers, web-based e-commerce has detonated in the last decade. There are excellent plugins like, WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, and WPEcommerce that make your WordPress website turn over a new leaf, ideally into an utterly functional eCommerce platform. You can manage inventory, accept payments, taxes, shipping, and users from the same place.


  • Business Website: WordPress is a standout among all if you are looking for something to build a professional looking business website. There are so many brands who employ WordPress to power and support their websites. It gives you access to easy tools for quickly launching a website and then expand it as your business develops.


  • Job board: After freelancing sites, the job board is the most sultry place for posting and discovering the latest jobs. Building a fruitful activity board requires gigantic traffic as well as you need to be quintessential in your niche circles.


  • Online Communities: Creating a niche online community or social network is not about creating the next Facebook/Twitter. It is about making a specialty network site that is fueled with groups, forums, activity streams and more.WordPress can be utilized as an online discussion utilizing the lightweight bbPress forum. You can even add social highlights to a WordPress site with modules like BuddyPress.


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