Some Cool and Actionable Tips for Instagram

Instagram Tips

Some Cool and Actionable Tips for Instagram

Instagram is rapidly becoming the hottest social network we know of today. More than being visually appealing, it is pretty simple to learn how to use this massive platform. Adding random hashtags to posts is truly becoming much more of science so you have to have a strategy to get the most out of your business Instagram account.

If you are someone who finds it difficult to get hands-on this incredibly popular social networking app, let us get you started with some awesome tips coming into your way… 

Stand Out Your Posts by Giving Them a Different Look

Use the same signature filter and maintain the same style of photography for your posts to give your page the consistency it needs. Try to echo your brand’s identity by adopting the same color pattern, fonts and image style so that the experience of your brand remains consistent as it communicates to other channels

Use Special Hashtags

To encourage a bigger following, it would be recommended to choose special hashtags like #L4L means ‘like for like’, #follow, #followme. Put them at the end of your post to keep things clean and tidy. Don’t forget to add your brand name as the hashtag. Make sure to use 5-6 hashtags that describe your business solutions.

Caption Your Images and Videos

Each and every post you put up right in front of your audience should speak about your business and find ways of adding value to your posts. Also, think about the comments you can add as this will make people like and repost your posts.

Use Links and Landing Pages

Whether you are leveraging Instagram to read your latest blog post, discover your new e-book or sign up to your email newsletter be sure to have a properly working landing page. This will make people act quickly without any ado.

Share the Love

It is always a good idea and worth tagging relevant membership entities, business associates, industry associations or accounts you want to let grow. Doing this shows that you are engaged with your particular Instagram community.

Run Instagram Ads

No matter how low your budget is, it is well worth dipping your toes and seeing what results you can avail for the growth of your business. There are formats available and with a wide choice available for your call to action, it could not get easier.

Did we miss out any important Instagram tip which you might know and we don’t drop in the comments section below.