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Ring shape Wearable Phone

Due to the advancement in Internet Technology, Lives of human beings are changing rapidly. Innovative inventions are coming out in the marketplace every day. Developers and scientists are bringing out best in the modern technology, in every field. In the Modern world, everyone is dependent on the technology.

As much as we love our latest phones and smartphones, their size is still a problem. We know that the big screen is good for playing games, watching videos and reading information, but the real concern is to make space for the device and create discomfort when walking. In our rapid growing Smartphone industry, we have seen about many probable and capable wearable products: like a smart watch, wearable gadgets and so on. Now, a new concept has been introduced known as Nokia Fit Ring shape Wearable Phone.

It is a lightweight Bluetooth enabled phone. This device fits on your fingers like a ring, which permits you to do necessary functions of a phone like calls and texting. A vibration signal makes you conscious of the notifications.  So it is fully silent and perfect for silent occasions.

The device is designed using soft silicon. The buttons are within easy reach and are located either on the top or on the bottom of the wearable phone. There are two buttons on this device:

  1. A green button which recognizes incoming calls located with a speaker.
  2. A red button which recognizes rejected calls located with a microphone.

The use of this device as well as a special form will allow people to wear the phone on their fingers. Nokia Fit looks like amazing deal, which might grab the awareness of a lot of clients. However, before introducing such a device, Nokia would have to figure out a way to avoid users losing the small wearable while going for events like a work out.

Nokia Fit Ring shape Wearable phone works through Bluetooth, but its wearable styles can make possible to avoid revealing ears to the Bluetooth radiations and reduces the extreme use of wearable devices.

This device is a classic concept to make your daily life enjoyable. The waterproof body and the design that fits on the finger adds more layer of safety. With this device, it’s just simple to answer calls, make calls and to get informed with the events that are actually happening on your device.