Foldable Keyboard for Mobile Gadgets

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Foldable Keyboard for Mobile Gadgets

Technology can change humans, as well as any other animal species’, capable of controlling & adapting to their usual environments. As we are already aware, Technology affects society and its surrounding areas in various ways.

Due to our well-developed technology era, Touch-screens are assisting in modifying the features of venture mobility. However, some users still prefer a usual keyboard for writing letters and to perform day-to-day tasks. As we realize on a daily basis, it’s not easy to type lengthy documents or E-mails on a Smartphone.

Microsoft created a keyboard for tablets, other than the company’s proprietary Operating System, with a key to switch rapidly between Android, Windows and iOS devices. Microsoft has now released a next version of it’s universal keyboard & this time it’s supporting Windows, Smartphones, iOS and Android.

The Smartphone accessory market is full of keyboards. Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard is little different though. Microsoft released compact and ultra-thin Foldable Keyboard, for Android, iPad, iPhone, tablets, and Windows Phone. The Bluetooth keyboard is a wonderful travel companion; you can simply take it wherever you go. It attaches wirelessly through Bluetooth 4.0 and it can pair with two different devices at any given time. You can simply control both the devices with touch of a button. When you will unfold the keyboard, it turns ON and it would turn OFF on folding.

The Bluetooth enabled foldable keyboard returns the touch screen input when working with large texts. I can’t want to utilize foldable keyboard for text messages. All I need to do is take the phone out, connect the keyboard, unfold the keyboard and find a suitable place to place it.


Thin and Lightweight: Only 5 mm thin, the modern, foldable design simply fits into a bag or pocket.

Easy On/Off: you need to open the keyboard to connect your tablet. Simply close the keyboard to shut down it.

Rechargeable Battery: The Rechargeable Battery gives up to three months of usage on a single charger.

Bluetooth Smart: Reliable experience using the latest in Bluetooth 4.0. Consumers less power too.

Whenever you’re ready to go for some work, its foldable design simply fits into a Pocket, Purse or Bag. It is the one of the most flexible and convenient Bluetooth keyboards in the market. It is only 5 mm thick and it features well sized keys with a row of devoted number keys, with row of media keys as well.