AirBar: Touch without a Touch Screen

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AirBar: Touch without a Touch Screen

Technology development is the overall process of invention, innovation or diffusion of technology. The term ‘Technology development’ refers to the invention of emerging, and improvement of, technologies.

Touchscreen capabilities are extensively exciting, but they don’t cater to the customers using laptop. Having a touch screen on your laptop could definitely be used at times, but maybe not be enough to bother you to replace your current laptop with a new laptop.  A company named Neonode has come up with an AirBar, a gadget which will bring touchscreen functionality to any laptop. An AirBar can change any computer screen into a touch screen. It is a USB device which fits near the bottom of a laptop’s screen.

This device will permit the bar to produce vague light to start tracking the user’s movements the same way as one uses a touch screen-enabled machine. In simple words, the bar will convert any non-touchscreen device into a touch-interactive device. It is responsive & it persists to the track movements even if the user touches the screen with finger or chopsticks.

When you attach this device, your current screen will work as a touch screen, allowing you to move a window, expand your photo, you can click on a link or draw a picture with a finger or brush. AirBar doesn’t differentiate between a finger, or pencil – it works with anything material that enters into contact with its light field.

With AirBar, users don’t need to install drivers or carry out a calibration in order to get AirBar to work. They stick it on their laptop, plug it into a USB port, and it starts performing. Users then proceed to pinch, zoom and scroll to their heart’s content.

AirBar doesn’t need any software to work with. It just needs to be plugged in.